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With your donation, we can continue to operate, grow, and reach more people. This allows us to host classes more frequently, send more infants through Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), and to ultimately create a community more prepared if a tragedy occurs. 

Thank you for your interest and support through donation. Rest assured that your donation will not land in someone's pocket, but rather will teach people in our communities' critical life-saving skills that can make a difference for someone. 

Ally Kate Incorporated was founded on the belief that quality CPR, first aid, and AED training should be available to everyone. Not just available, but with flexibility and at no cost. 

As a nonprofit organization, we operate 100% profit free. This means that all classes are held entirely on donations only. None of our member, instructors, or staff earn a paycheck from Ally Kate Incorporated. This is how we ensure every single donation is used to its maximum benefit potential.

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